I am honored to present to you the first edition of the 2009 Successful Entrepreneur (Singapore Edition)

 As the title indicates, this publication focuses on the true stories of many fellow Singaporeans who embarked on new enterprises - at times off the beaten track- depending on their aptitude.They braved hardships like financial loss andridicule, and at times, their own drop in self - confidence. Often they were battered by unpredictable risks like our recent economic crisis. Yet these entrepreneurs with fire in their belly and passion for their dream, often within a hairbreadth of failure, persevering through thick and thin - went on to achieve their dreams.

Successful Entrepreneur was started with this idea of promoting business creativity - through sharing of our local entrepreneurs’ knowledge and experiences with readers. This would, hopefully, serve as a catalyst to encourage our youngergeneration to aspire to realise their vision in life - by stoking their entrepreneurial fires within.

This publication would also serve as a platform for giving due recognition to organisations and individuals demonstrating outstanding entrepreneurial performance of their talents at various levels and standards of achievement.

 Thanks to our successful entrepreneurs cutting through all ranks and classes - from say, a barber’s shop or hawker’s stall to a manufacturing establishment - Singapore moved forward from a third world fishing village in 1819 when it was founded, to a world class port and trading hub today.

 Indeed, our nation has benefited immensely from its many extraordinary entrepreneurs. Today, they still continue to play a key role in Singapore’s soci-economic affairs. These are the people with the right skills and initiative to take good, new ideas to the marketplace and through the right decisions benefit from them.

 An entrepreneur possess characteristics that includes spontaneous creativity, the ability and willingness to make decisions in the absence of solid data, and a generally risk-taking personality. Numerous potential entrepreneurs that I have come across may be driven by a conscious or unconscious need to create something new or build something tangible.

 This book would be helpful in opening their eyes to the potential or its extent within them, and provide them with the encouragement to unleashing it. Keeping in mind, of course, that as Rome was not built in a day, neither does success come overnight - but only gradually, often through perseverance, sweat and tears.

 This book is a repository of such inspirational stories, worth documenting, worth reading and worth acting upon.

 I would like to thank the SMEs’ entrepreneurs featured in this publication for their willingness and patience to share with readers their real life accounts of their struggle and ultimate success.

 My thank-you list extends to the members of our Panel of Advisors. They journeyed with us in this endeavor. Without them, this publication would have been still-born, and not seen the light of day.